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Ideas & Suggestions for Remote Work

by Nicole Klink / 21 January 2022

Are you one of those people working remotely either from time to time or even exclusively? And have you already noticed that you became more stressed, more emotional, more restless, more hectic, more irritable or even less motivated, less focused, more tired, less interested, more (physically/mentally) unbalanced than when back in the times you still went to the office every day? – If so I would like to support you with some suggestions...

Bad managers: last stop resignation?

by Nicole Klink / 18 November 2021

In a coaching session a client now looking for professional reorientation stated that quitting her last job had been overwhelmingly motivated by (and I quote) consistently poor communication on part of her lead. Unfortunately, having heard similar comments in coachings and from friends before, I was not surprised to hear...