My coaching attitude

Meeting at eyelevel

To me supporting you by initiating impulses to both raise your awareness of your very own resources and help you strengthening them  is the most meaningful occupation I can imagine. As a coach I can do just that. As a matter of fact, it needed a coaching with me as a client to realise this. Hence, it is my deep conviction that coaching can be an enormously inspiring and lasting experience. I, at least, found it to be a precious guidance on my path from job to calling. Today I feel most privileged to spend my working hours meeting and connecting with all sorts of different people. 


In general I assume the role of an unobtrusive companion to foster your self-reflection and thereby helping you help yourself. However, some of your objectives may require me to be more of an adviser, to give feedback or to impart knowledge. Especially in professional coaching, i. e. in interview training situations that can be the case. This change between different roles is a characteristic of situational coaching, an approach that ensures a high degree of flexibility in the process.

As a coach I see myself as a catalyst and an empathic companion to you and your individual change process. I perceive coaching as a collaboration characterized by mutual respect which takes place in a protected space. With openness, humor, curiosity and appreciation, I create a trusting atmosphere that focuses on your concerns and your needs. I listen attentively and by leading the process solution oriented I help you finding your answers. Considering systemic aspects in the course of this is a given. Together, yet directed by you, we develop solutions which match your subjective life. My professional background, my personal experiences as well as my coaching skills and social skills support me in being useful to you.


I look forward to accompanying you on your individual path.