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Those who participate in the labor market often spend the majority of their waking hours at work. Depending on industry, company and position, those hours can look very differently. Furthermore, the modern working world as well as society itself are subject to rapid changes in times of globalization and the ever-increasing digitisation. This requires a high degree of flexibility from all parties involved.

Employers' expectations of their employees are high. If you want to convince employers you better be an excellent self-promoter. Moreover, the willingness to constantly enhance both personal and professional abilities is just as important as motivation, ambition and above-average commitment. The latter is often found to be reflected in the number of after hours as well as in the willingness to work weekends or regularly checking e-mails in spare time. In fact, today the compatibility of work and private life is one of the greatest challenges for many people.


In order to do a good job in the long run, while at the same time actually liking what you do, it helps knowing and understanding what you are good at, what activities you consider personally fulfilling, what contents you like dealing with, and what it takes for you to feel satisfied with your work. The degree of satisfaction in the workplace has an immense influence on the overall satisfaction with your life.


Individual Career Coaching therefore focuses on you in the business context, yet integrating you as a private individual. 

Career Coaching can include a multitude of objectives, such as:

  • aiming for professional change and, if necessary, reorientation
  • decision making between professional alternatives
  • developing and/ or pursuing of professional goals
  • planning of next career step
  • gaining awareness of your abilities and competencies
  • striving for better communication with colleagues, supervisors, employees or customers
  • handling conflicts with colleagues, supervisors, employees or customers well
  • keeping/ pursuing a healthy work-life-balance
  • avoiding/ reducing negative stress (especially in the workplace itself)
  • updating and improving application documents
  • dealing with edgy points in your CV
  • managing job interview anxiety
  • preparing for job interview questions
  • strengthening your presence in job interviews, at the workplace, as a leader, when talking to customers


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In a preliminary talk free of charge we will first get to know each other to see if we can work together well and take a look at your coaching objective.

Should you decide for a coaching with me, next step will be to look at your current situation (actual state analysis) and then work out an initial goal agreement.

In the course of this, we will also set an individual time frame of our colaboration.


Contact me for an appointment for a preliminary talk free of charge!

Coaching free of charge with an AVGS

Please note that I also offer job and career coaching for people who hold an activation and placement voucher (AVGS) from employment agencies or job centers. Coaching is free of charge for holders of such a voucher. This offer is created in cooperation with the Business Trends Academy GmbH, which is an accredited partner of employment agencies and job centers.