Helping you Achieve your goals

Reasons for seeking coaching are just as diverse and individual as every single human being. It supports you achieve your goals, develop solutions to problems and prepare difficult decisions. Therefore, there are no two identical coaching processes. I meet this welcome challenge by following your wishes and needs throughout the process and controlling the latter in such ways as to match your pace and personality. Despite being highly individual, coaching processes generally have a similar structure. Typically, each process comprises several, yet sometimes not clearly separable phases:

  1. Getting to know each other, current state analysis and clarification of coaching mandate (orientation)
  2. Goal setting and goal checking (target state analysis)
  3. Planning and executing goal pursuit (solution development)
  4. Completing and evaluating the process (parting).

The basic prerequisite for a good process is that you are willing to change something and ready to take responsibility for the achievement of your goals. For my part, I take my role and the responsibility for the process very seriously at all times. This also means that I critically deal with my role and the process itself. Besides my professional qualification and extensive coaching experience the attitude towards my work is the main supporting pillar of my collaboration with you.


Apart from your motivation and the personal relationship between me as coach and you as client (also called coachee), coaching greatly benefits from the diversity of methods. I use a range of methods that allow you to develop the steps appropriate for you on the way to your goal. Depending on your overall focus of each session, I use techniques and instruments from various disciplines, such as classical conversational techniques, NLP or systemic counseling.

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Coaching supports you achieving your goals