Life Coaching

Personality Development

Life Coaching is mainly about personality development. Of course, every single person is evolving every day because each and every experience, every encounter makes for tiny changes. However, a conscious, active control of personal development is possible and often also worth pursuing.

The means of displaying your personality is communication. The overall impression of your personality comes about by means of your body language, the words you choose, and
the manner in which you apply these words. You can only be convincing if your words and your body language are congruent, i. e. if they are in harmony. Communicative skills can be regarded as an essential component of personality development. Therefore,  the topic of communication is always dealt with in personal coaching sessions in one way or the other.

Coaching gives you time and space for an extensive analysis of yourself. There is no standard procedure. Instead, we work together in a process-oriented manner.

Life Coaching supports you, e. g., if you would like to

  • learn what drives and motivates you
  • understand yourself as well as others better
  • strenghten your self-confidence
  • acquire strategies for handling conflicts well
  • learn to voice your opinion
  • develop visions and goals for your life
  • gain more sovereignty when communicating with others
  • identify and develop your (inherent) resources
  • bring to mind what is important to you
  • become aware of your strengths and weaknesses and how to make use with them
  • realise your behaviour patterns
  • compare self-concept with public image
  • get answers to the question "who am I"
  • improve your relationship with others
  • show a stronger presence and auhtenticity
  • learn how to give constructive feedback
  • know how to approach a difficult decision
  • have a proper work-life balance
  • examine your non-verbal communication


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In a preliminary talk free of charge we will first get to know each other to see if we can work together well and take a look at your coaching objective.


Should you decide for a coaching with me, next step will be to look at your current situation (actual state analysis) and then work out an initial goal agreement.


In the course of this, we will also set an individual time frame of our colaboration.


Contact me for an appointment for a preliminary talk free of charge!