My Service


I offer individual coaching on topics from professional as well as private life.


My service is aimed at people who would like to actively enhance their career or personal development and are looking for professional support.


Topical focus

  •      Professional orientation/ career planning
  •      Competence analysis
  •      Optimization of application documents
  •      Interview training/ preparation for job interviews
  •      Time management/ stress management
  •      Decision-making processes
  •      Personality development
  •      Conflict management

Training & Seminars

I conduct trainings and seminars on communication and personality with different focuses.

I also work as a freelance trainer
obo Business Trends Academy GmbH to prepare prospective career coaches for their job.


Career Coaching

Whether you wish to develop career goals, analyze your skills and competencies, or optimize your application documents: career or business coaching (with/ without AVGS) can support you in many ways...

Personal Coaching

Personality development is at the center of personal or life coaching. Dealing with conflicts, decision making, giving and taking of (constructive) feedback, recognizing your own potentials, or developing goals are just a few of the topics that we focus on here..